What to Look for at Thrift Stores to sell on eBay

I figured today I’d write just a very short couple paragraphs about what I like to look for when I am out at the thrift stores looking for things to sell on eBay.

The first thing that you ALWAYS need to have with you is your smart phone. Download the eBay app, and look up anything that catches your eye. eBay allows you to look things up under “completed listings” so you can tell whether or not the item is selling for an amount that you could profit off of.

My favorite thing to sell on eBay is by far video games. Any games vintage to new sell really well. I personally stick to anything Nintendo and anything vintage. I don’t know enough about xbox or Playstation to even try to waste my money on those games. The first piece of advice when looking for games is that anything Mario, Pokemon, or Zelda, sells extremely well almost no matter what. I don’t even look up a lot of those games any more, I just pick them up and buy them. Most games with a story line for either the NES, SNES, N64, or Gamecube also sell really well. Lastly, when you’re buying games for the Gamecube, or any system where the game comes in a DVD like case with the manual, make sure the game is complete. And by complete I mean make sure that the game, and the manual are both inside the original case. This GREATLY increases the value of a lot of games. Huge advice about the kind of game you are looking for; STAY AWAY FROM SPORTS GAMES. They lose value because people want to play with the newest teams and the most updated rosters. There are a few exceptions when you’re buying vintage games, but for the most part, don’t waste your money on sports games.

The second thing that I have just recently started looking for is clothing. I try to stick to two specific types. The first one is jerseys. Any kind of jersey that is retro or throwback is going to sell extremely well on eBay these days. However, check the condition rigorously. If the numbers are peeling, or there are very visible signs of wear, do not touch it. The second category of clothing that I look out for is the top end brand names. Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and Tommy Bahama are a few that I have had the most luck with out of thrift stores. Once again, CHECK THE CONDITION. Make sure to check all of the buttons, and check for discoloration. Nobody wants a shirt that is already faded. I usually like to pay $5 or less for button downs, and typically list them for $25 or more. This is a great profit margin after shipping and fees.

There are certainly other items from thrift stores that you will come across that would no doubt sell, but I am just not as familiar with them as I am with video games and clothing. I just thought it would be beneficial for a few people to see what has sold for me in the past, and maybe give a couple people some things to look out for.

Good luck with your thrift store picks!



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